Terhi Kaski

unit head

The conscientious and precise Terhi is responsible for the Ahlman Manor operations, the safety of the school, the site’s properties and cleaning. She has over ten years of experience here and is committed to her job and workplace: she demands a lot of herself and her subordinates, but she gives much more than that in return.
 Developing oneself comes naturally to her and learning is important.
 Terhi is originally from South Ostrobothnia and is known as a straight-talking and fair boss.




Maria Hartonen

service manager

Maria, who has seen and learnt a lot in the hotel and restaurant sector, is the Ahlman Manor’s irreplaceable service manager. This customer service professional does her job from the heart and takes care not only of the hotel reception, sales service and invoicing, but also of a long list of other tasks. Maria is a master of changing, various situations and applies her skills to every situation. This skilled, responsible professional who can do work in many areas does high-quality work every day, and takes customers into account with professional skill..




Sanna Yli-Peltomaa

service manager

Sanna, who is in her element when in contact with customers, is the newest addition to the Ahlman Manor team.
 With a smile always on her face, Sanna’s strengths are her positive attitude and her ability to get stuck into various professional roles. She is responsible for the flow of conference and function services, using her strong professional skill and by taking account of customer preferences. Sanna does her job from the heart and customer satisfaction is a matter of honour for her.




Marita Suomaa

service employee

The hard-working, gentle and always helpful Marita is the spirit of good will at Ahlman Manor. This high-achieving ice hockey fan is not afraid of rolling up her sleeves, and she is responsible for spotless cleanliness of the Manor’s function, accommodation and conference spaces. The fighting fit Marita can always been found on the job, sometimes with a drill in hand. As a skilled host she is also able to heat up the smoke sauna and the hot tub.