Dinner options from the buffet

Menu 1
Green salad and salad dressing
Marinated cabbage salad
Country stew and lingonberry creme
Ahlman’s farm cheese and jam

Andelin’s smoked fish and Ahlman’s yogurt sauce
Dill or young potatoes and honey root vegetables


Menu 2
Green salad and salad dressing
Gravlax and mustard sauce
Spiced beetroot
Ahlman’s farm cheese and jam

Overcooked Paija pork and malty sauce
Cheese and potato gratin and honey root vegetables


Dessert options
Country panna cotta and Ahlman’s Asunnan Raija jam €4.50/person
Ahlman’s egg cheese and cloudberry jam €4.50/person
Berry layer cake €5.50/person

Menus to be brought to the tables

Ahlman Menu
Light Jerusalem artichoke soup and crispy mushrooms as well as Cold-Smoke Master’s cold-smoked salmon
Ahlman’s farm Finnish veal and parsnip as well as spicy pepper sauce
Country milk panna cotta chokeberry jam as well as nut meringue


As an intermediate course: a selection of Ahlman’s and Pirkanmaa province cheeses €5/person

All menus include tea, coffee, a selection of Ahlman breads, and butter. Milk, water and kvas accompany the food.

Ahlman Manor uses ingredients from its own farm and local producers as per the season and availability.